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2020 Officers of the DCFPA

2020 Officers
President-                    Maurice Twilley Jr
Vice President-            Kenneth Peirson
Treasurer-                    LeRoy Mason
Financial Secretary-   Shirley Sundy
Secretary-                   Tammy Quackenbush
Trustees-                     Samuel Swartz         1/21
                                     Norman Templin     1/22
                                     Ronald Zuckerman 1/23
Chaplain-                    David Rhine
Assistant Chaplain-   Kenneth Beam

Next Meeting  

September 21st, 2020

Hoss's Steak and Seafood House

9009 Bridge Rd

Hummelstown  PA                                                              Everyone welcome to stop by anytime of the day to dine with friends and co-workers.  Evening meal at 6 pm.  Meeting to follow at 7 pm.                                                                                                                                                                    
Hope to see everyone!

Welcome Message
from the President!

The Dauphin County Fire Police Association is composed of Fire Police Officers from various fire departments based in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. We have scheduled meetings to conduct business matters pertaining to our organization and to conduct training sessions pertaining to topics which enhance the safety of our members and other emergency responders, as well as  the general public.  We proactively interact with local and state law enforcement agencies as well as other public safety agencies to foster a good working relationship prior to being called to work together at a scene of an emergency.  There are several functions that Fire Police are responsible to provide.  This includes but is not limited to:

Protection of all fire department or EMS equipment and personnel on an emergency scene.

Traffic Control which is meant to maintain the flow of traffic around an emergency scene as well as to allow quick access to the scene for all emergency vehicles and personnel.

Security of property after a major fire or other suspicious activity.

Crowd Control at fairs, parades, and other various events.

You should be aware that Fire Police are Sworn Officers of the Local Government. Pennsylvania Law Title 75 sections 3327 and 3102 provide for fines for people who fail to obey Fire Police instructions or directions relating to traffic control.  There are several other laws that provide Fire Police with their authority and  Police powers. Fire Police are there to provide safety to both the public and Fire Company personnel. When you see a Fire Police Officer please slow down, be alert, and pay attention to their instructions and directions.  This will enhance the safety of all  Personnel on an emergency scene.

Please feel free to use our informational website. I would like to extend my personal thanks to you for your dedication and efforts that you put forth as a fire police officer in the performance of your duties. My goal as President is to pledge my support by providing information, services, and organizational support to the Dauphin County Fire Police Association through our Web Site, Officers, and Directors.

President DCFPA

Maurice "Bill" Twilley                                                                                        

Members Area

Website Committee:
Shirley Sundy email address is firepolice551@yahoo.com
Jackie Leonard email address is: jackiel.ldfd54@yahoo.com

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